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Why is there still no vegan revolution?: Against a local and relative morality

Crazy is refusing to eat animals because it’s wrong, but then turning around and associating with all the animal eaters like everything is normal.

GRAMSHACKLE: ‘Can vegans coexist with non-vegans? From a non-vegan perspective, the answer would obviously be yes. I’m here to argue, from the perspective of people who have chosen to become vegan for moral reasons, the only logical answer is “no.” Strangely, most moral vegans don’t behave that way… If vegans really think eating animals is wrong, they should think it’s wrong for everyone. The next question becomes that of magnitude. Not all crimes are equal. Littering is not equivalent to murder. Where would meat consumption rank? I would think it would rate rather high on severity, because it entails not just the consumption of animals, but the violent act of mass slaughter…

Yet there’s almost zero effort toward trying to literally criminalize meat, except for the so-called “extremists” who are treated as a form of madness outside the bounds of social discourse. The numbers don’t add up. In my experience in middle-class white America, it seems like 1 in 5 people I meet is some kind of vegan or vegetarian. Yet there’s no political action. Meat prohibition is not discussed in election cycles or on the news, except to sneer at the madness of PETA and other fringe groups. Why are they “fringe” or “extremist”? Vegans, you’re everywhere.

We know that people are willing to fight and die for something they believe is wrong on moral principals [sic], even when they are not the direct victims. We have an example in the primary narrative of American history, which is the narrative about slavery and the civil war… The abolitionists, for purely moral and ethical reasons, were willing to put their money where their mouths were and fight and die because they couldn’t close their eyes and go about their business while their neighbors went on perpetuating a systemic evil…

So, too, I would expect the vegans of the world who believe meat is murder to take more political action. Instead, most of them sit back and mutter something about “to each his own.” They will rarely even protest or even vote on vegan lines. Most moral vegans will never rise above a passive aggressive indignation about a lack of cheese-free menu options… You see, the extremist vegans who do outlandish stunts, illegal protests, or even acts of terrorism, they’re not the crazy ones. They’re the only moral vegans who are acting consistently. ‘Crazy’ is refusing to eat animals because it’s wrong, but then turning around and associating with all the animal eaters like everything is normal’. SOURCE…


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