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LORI MARINO: 'We’ve all heard them and used them – the common references to farmed animals that appeal to the worst part of human nature: ‘pearls before swine’, ‘what a pig’,…





Received anonymousl from Stop the cull (click here for video from the action): Heath Hatcheries in Suffolk was visited by us over the Easter Bank Holiday. A clear path was made so that the birds headed towards the forest and away from the road, grain was put down to attract them in that direction. Once inside the …

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Received anonymously: Fox rescued and 15 feeding stations stolen near Troyes, France 07/14.04.19

Anonymous hacktivists have again leaked the customer database. Below are people who purchased tickets to bullfights at Madrid’s Las Ventas bullring in 2019, including upcoming bullfights (it’s not too late for these people to change their plans and stay away from the cruel spectacle!). Hacktivists previously released customer details from 2017-2015. Tickets purchased by tourists keep …

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According to an anonymous report on, 6 rabbits were freed from a farm in Bologna.

Received anonymously: The park named Slottsskogen in sweden was in the past few days attacked by ALF activists. Slottsskogen is an open free to enter state-owned park which keeps animals such as penguins, seals, elks, reindeer, rabbits and many many more animals confined in despicable enclosures. Some seals at the park have been there for …

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Received anonymously: The ALF visited Vasa fur farm in Vicarstown, Laois. Front gates locked, and walls spray painted. This is just the beginning. ALF

Reported by the Underground Badger Syndicate: We found these cage traps whilst out sett surveying in one of our badger cull zones. They were ‘safely’ shut away in a shed near a pheasant pen, laying in wait for the next shooting season. The shed had been re-appropriated by some squatter rats and had a thick layer …

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Received anonymously (click here for video from the action): Hunters are cruel bastards, and they install their tools of violence throughout the Swedish wilderness. They put up feeding stations, install cameras and towers nearby – so they easily can assassinate innocent animals. These cunts gotta get some resistance. During our patrolling through the woods eight towers and …

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reported by activists in Sweden: Big fur shop closed down in central Stockholm Short interview with some of the activists from ARA Sweden: One of central Stockholms last real fur shops is now closing down after about a year of underground campaing from animal rights activists. The shop is called Royal Furs aka ‘Mode Päls’, …

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Received anonymously: In late March, 56 chicks were rescued from a “broiler” farm in Tarragona, Spain. The activists report, “These beautiful creatures that we rescued last week from broiler sheds are finally in their new homes to live their precious lives in peace and dignity.

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal (see above, or click here to view video from the action): Whilst out and about we found a Larsen trap with a magpie inside. We were quick to release them as they seemed stressed over our presence. Larsen traps will be widely used all the way through mid summer in an attempt to disrupt …

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Received anonymously: April – 100 hens liberated from an intensive caged unit in the south of england

According to an anonymous report on, 15 rabbits were freed and cages destroyed at a farm in Italy. Click here for video from the action.

According to an anonymous report on Barrikade, during the night of March 27-28 in the city of Bern, windows were broken at a supermarket and a butcher shop. The activists wrote, “The broken windows and the paint on the walls are nothing compared to the violence that animals suffer every day due to meat production, and …

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Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: british heart foundation, all locks glued. economical sabotage is success.


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