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Received anonymously: 7 towers and two feeding machines had met their fate. In memory of Barry Horne we act with direct action against this horrible animal opression. Greetings from Sweden, 7th of november

anonymous report: \\\ Animal Liberation Front// ******************************************************************** is Hacked & Defaced Fromagerie – France Fournisseur boucheries, fromageries, grandes surfaces ( E. Leclerc, Cora, Super U, Shopi, intermaché…),… 1168 clients links: ******************************************************************** is Hacked vendeur alimentation pour élevages – France links: ********************************************************************* ‘Until every cage is empty’ …

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Report from (click here for more photos from the rescue): Rescue Action LII (October 2019) & Support Marius (Marie) Mason We broke in a factory farm where rabbits are caged in dark place just to breed more and more bunnies until they reach the sufficient weight to be slaughtered. From that cage we took rabbit mom …

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Received anonymously (photo: There is now one less mink farm in Sweden. It was burned down in the heart of the Swedish mink industry: Sölvesborg, a small town of inbred animal abusers and extreme racists. The farm was empty, but now future abuse is prevented. No animals were hurt. Unfortunately no mink farmer was …

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translation of anonymous report, from (click here to view video from the action): 34 hens were released from a farm in Monselice (Padua), Italy. Now they can live happily free from exploitation in a beautiful home. In memory of Barry Horne. Animal Liberation Front.

Received anonymously: Trick or treat ! During the night of October 31st to November 1st, 2019, poltergeists went to work. In reaction to the hunters who tortured and wounded the inhabitants of the forest, we bit back with the teeth of a saber saw. 8 hunting towers were targeted by the spell ACTIVISTA ANTISPECISTUM. They …

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Received anonymously: \\ Hacked by ALF// – Fédération de pêche de la Somme – France – HACKED STOP SPECISME ‘Until every cage is empty

Received anonymously: On the 29th of October Djurrättsmilisen (the Swedish Animal Rights Militia) celebrated an early Halloween together with fur farmer Niclas Pettersson. Loads of cat shit was thrown into his beloved garden. And a Halloween prop, a gravestone, was put in his garden as well. The gravestone was marked with ‘RIP Niclas Pettersson ex-mink farmer’. …

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Rescue Action LI (October 2019) The driver stops the car on the edge of the forest, we get out and take our tools. He drives away we approach the object and try to hide in the shadow of the forest, where is silence. The closer we are to the factory farm, the worse the smell …

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According to a report on, the Animal Liberation Front destroyed a hunter’s cabin in Castel d’Ario.

Received anonymously (see above, or click here to view video from the action): On the night of October 20th, in the Paris region, we released a partridge exploited as a decoy. Hunters raise and exploit people of other species, lock them in cages or tie them to strings to attract their peers and then kill them all. …

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Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal (see above, or click here to view video from the action): We start the yearly Antispeciesist Week of Action in Memory of Barry Horne with a smashing time. As farmers have been busy turning the countryside into a bloody badger massacre we thought we’d celebrate the end of the cull with a …

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According to an anonymous report on, the Animal Liberation Front destroyed several hunting towers in Belgium during the night of October 25-26.

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: Dear Activists, As forests are destroyed; activists are attacked, killed, and have to face time in prisons; animals are slaughtered and tortured, I stumbled across some fucking shooting towers which had to deal with my anger. Four down and six damaged and be sure I’ll return with some tools! Meiningen, Thuringia …

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Red paint was thrown onto windows of a fur shop in Como during the night of October 15-16. According to media reports, a nearby fur/leather company was also spray-painted.


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