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Outrage as live pigs and dogs are used as ‘crash-test dummies’ in cruel simulations

Live pigs and dogs are pulverized in these car crash-tests, leaving them with broken bones and severe internal injuries before they’re killed and dissected.

DEBBIE WHITE: ‘Barbaric car-crash tests using live pigs as dummies – in cruel 30mph simulations – are sparking outrage among animal rights campaigners. Researchers in China are fastening live animals, including dogs, with seatbelts before smashing them into walls at high speeds, according to a study. The pigs have their front legs tied up and are forced to “sit” upright in “deadly tests”, warns PETA. The group explains that “experimenters fasten frightened animals into car seats and crash them into walls until their bodies are bloody, bruised, and mangled…

Prior to conducting tests with pigs, researchers “starved pigs for 24 hours, deprived them of water for six hours, strapped them into a car seat with seat belts and ropes and slammed them into a wall.” PETA said this “caused them to sustain severe fractures, contusions, and lacerations; caused bleeding of their internal organs, and resulted in immediate death for half the animals used”… “Pigs don’t naturally sit up in car seats. “Their anatomy is different from that of humans, so the data obtained from these horrific animal experiments aren’t applicable to human car-crash victims.”

Describing pigs as “sensitive and intelligent”, PETA has called upon China’s Research Institute for Traffic Medicine to stop the cruel practice. The group said: “Live pigs and dogs are pulverised in these tests, leaving them with broken bones and severe internal injuries before they’re killed and dissected.” Such tests are a “poor attempt to mimic human injuries in a car crash”, PETA added. The campaigners said that, “based on their own publications, it’s clear that China’s Research Institute for Traffic Medicine and Daping Hospital have conducted violent experiments.

“Experimenters forced dogs onto an L-shaped rigid seat in a human sitting position using cloth restraints”… This test caused the dogs’ heads to violently thrust backwards, resulting in whiplash, limping, and difficulty in moving hind limbs, before they were “killed and dissected”… PETA pointed out that non-animal research methods using state-of-the-art mannequins, 3-D medical imaging, advanced computer modelling or human cadavers are available and already used by major car-makers around the world. “Similar tests were ended by General Motors in 1993 after 18 months of a hard-hitting PETA campaign,” it added’.  SOURCE…


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