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POT CALLS KETTLE BLACK: The False and Hypocritical Narrative that Animal Rights Activism is Extremism

The UK anti-terrorism document outlines the 'dangerous extremist’s ideology' of animal rights activism, such as people exhibiting opposing views on animal testing, fox hunting, zoos, animals in circuses or wearing fur.

ROBBIE LOCKIE: ‘The UK anti-terrorism police released an official document titled “Safeguarding young people and adults from ideological extremism” it contained guidelines on racist and Neo-Nazi groups such as National Action, alt-right and even Extreme Satanism. The booklet also controversially branded Extinction Rebellion, the environmental protest group, an extremist ideology. Alongside the warnings regarding XR is a detailed section about the dangers of “Animal Rights Extremism”. The page reveals how to look out for specific behaviour amongst young people who may be consuming content related to “animal liberation”.

The booklet details “What you might see and hear” and outlines the worrying behaviour you would notice if a young person is being exposed to the dangerous ‘extremist’s ideology’ of animal rights activism. According to the booklet, the concern should arise when young people exhibit opposing views on animal testing, fox hunting, zoos, animals in circuses or even wearing fur. It goes on to say “You may observe behaviour such as no longer eating meat, criticising others who do, or questioning others.”

The booklet also has an interesting highlighted point which reads “While concern for animal welfare is not in itself extreme, activists may encourage vulnerable people to perform acts of violence or commit acts themselves” The kind of message we are sending young people in the UK is that if you stand up for what you believe in you will be classified alongside terrorists, Satanists, and extremists?…

Caring about how animals are treated and standing up for what you believe in, in a nonviolent way, is an essential part of living in a free and democratic society. It is wrong to suggest that animal rights activists potentially could commit violent acts because they care about things like animal welfare, fox hunting or the barbaric fur industry. The very bedrock of animal rights activism is non-violence. To smear the animal rights and vegan community in this way is a veiled attempt to discredit the work activists do to educate and shift British society away from killing and eating animals…

Animal rights activism is not extreme… The truth is that factory farming is a form of extremism, it is damaging the Earth, causing untold suffering, and it is a leading cause of habitat loss and species extinction… Animals live in cramped, squalid conditions, and for many of us, this is an outrage. Tens of thousands of pigs tightly crammed into a shed covered in their own faeces with nothing to do so that human beings can enjoy their flesh is extreme. Gas chambers where pigs are lowered and their lungs filled with carbon dioxide, so they burn from the inside out screaming in agony’.  SOURCE…


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