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DISGRACEFUL: Environmental groups urge Americans to EAT MORE FISH in fight against virus

Eric Schwaab (Senior VP, Environmental Defense Fund): Fishermen need our help. By incorporating more seafood into our diets, we can support fishermen and coastal communities.

ROSANNA XIA: Environmental groups have long fought for animal rights (THIS IS FALSE), rallied against pollution and pushed back on overfishing, but a new message this week urged the nation to eat more seafood as it hunkers down during the coronavirus pandemic. Specifically, many are asking you to please buy American-caught seafood. “Over the past 20 years, American fisheries have become some of the best managed and most sustainable in the world thanks to policy reforms and the hard work of fishermen,” said Eric Schwaab, senior vice president for the Environmental Defense Fund’s oceans program. “But now fishermen need our help. By incorporating more seafood into our diets, we can support fishermen and coastal communities that depend on seafood harvesting as a way of life.”

The global spread of COVID-19 has triggered widespread economic chaos, and American fisheries are suffering due to restaurant closures and the collapse of export markets, advocates say… Although U.S. fishing operations and environmentalists have spent decades butting heads, they have also worked together to develop smarter and more sustainable fishing practices — turning many fisheries from federal disasters into thriving comeback stories and promoting healthier oceans. “The U.S. has some of the healthiest and most sustainable seafood in the world,” Schwaab said. “By seeking out domestically caught fish, Americans can support fishermen and the ocean during this difficult time”…

Seafood harvesters across California were grateful for this week’s support from environmental groups. Exports have already been hurting — especially exports to China, where California’s Dungeness crab is usually a huge market. Other foreign markets and supply chains have all but disappeared as well… The Environmental Defense Fund has a Seafood Selector that advises people on what kind of seafood to buy at stores or order as takeout. SOURCE…


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