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BLOODY OUTRAGE: Spain’s 700 Million Euros Bullfighting Bailout Plan To Save Cruel ‘Sport’

Spain's government avoided mentioning bullfighting in its bailout plans by classifying matadors as 'artists in public shows' and giving agricultural aid to 'bullfighting farms'.

LUCY CONNOLLY: A bailout plan for bullfighting organisations that could cost Spanish taxpayers hundreds of millions of Euros has sparked outrage. With the country under lockdown since mid-March as a result of the ongoing global health crisis, the cruel blood sport has been unable to go ahead as usual – leading organisers to ask the government for a €700 million (£623 million) bailout. While there’s been no confirmation from the government on how it will respond, some local governments have already offered to help out; bullfighting is reportedly getting a tax break in Madrid, with the cruel sport also receiving €1.4 million in funding in Andalusia…

According to Animal Guardians, an organisation ‘dedicated to defending animals worldwide against cruelty and exploitation’, support for bullfighting across Spain has fallen from 30% to 19% in less than three years. Opposition has therefore rallied against a national bailout, with more than 800 groups – including animal charities, shelters, veterinary clinics and more – penning an open letter in which they warn much-needed resources should not be wasted on an industry ‘doomed to disappearance’, particularly when a ‘heartbreaking economic recession’ is already on the cards…

The central government has so far avoided mentioning bullfighting specifically when talking about its plans for market intervention, but activists believe this is deliberate. In fact, they fear there is a lot of scope to bail out the practice by classifying matadors as artists in public shows, and by giving agricultural aid to bullfighting farms. Now, they are asking for clarity and complete transparency from the government regarding any ‘aid or subsidy’ that is destined for the bullfighting sector. The government has yet to respond to their letter. SOURCE…


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