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Life In the Compassionoscene, Freedom and Justice For All

MARC BEKOFF: ‘We’re all living in the Anthropocene, often called “the age of humanity. In reality, it’s more correctly called “the rage of inhumanity,” a time when we’re losing nonhuman animal (animal) species and their homes at unprecedented rates. Something has to be done right now to stop these horrific losses, and one way to foster coexistence among nonhumans and humans is to stop using other animals in the service of humans and to work hard for freedom and justice for all…

A recent issue of the Atlantic Monthly featured as its Big Question “Which contemporary habits will be most unthinkable 100 years from now?” One of the responses was, “Eating animals for their protein”… A future is possible in which humans and other animals coexist peacefully, where nonviolence is the norm rather than the exception, and where exploiting animals will be viewed as morally offensive. Welfarism raises the ante by acknowledging that animals have feelings and that these feelings matter. But in continuing to favor human interests above the interests of individual animals, it doesn’t go nearly far enough.

Enhancing the freedoms and well-being of individual animals, and championing the peaceful coexistence and harmony of animals and people, opens the door to a new adjacent possible. The Anthropocene—the Age of Humanity—may well evolve into the Compassionocene. Building on the momentum of increased global concern for the well-being of individual animals, we must work toward a future of greater compassion, freedom, and justice for all. This is the right thing to do’. SOURCE…


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