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Grant Lingel: Environmentalists are either vegans or (HUGE) HYPOCRITES

If environmentalists are consuming animal products that directly has a major negative impact on the environment then that, by definition, makes their actions hypocritical.

GRANT LINGEL: ‘If you are an environmentalist and consume meat, dairy, or eggs, you are a hypocrite. I’m not saying this to attack you. I am not saying this because I am a mean person. I am simply calling a spade a spade. You might be able to call yourself an environmentalist as your job title and you might actually care about the environment. But if you are consuming animal products, especially products that come from factory farms, then you are a hypocrite… Let me explain…

An environmentalist is an advocate for the environment, first and foremost. They are passionate people who work diligently to protect the environment and I have a deep respect for their work. But if they are participating in something (consuming animal products from factory farms) that directly has a major negative impact on the environment then that, by definition, makes their actions hypocritical. They are choosing not to alter their eating habits because of the pleasure or joy that kind of food brings them, even if it means completely contradicting their work as an environmentalist and inflicting the complete opposite of pleasure and joy on the animals they are consuming…

Recycling your cans and bottles will only get us so far. Bringing your canvas bags to the grocery stores is great but it’s not enough. Working as an actual environmentalist that is looking to change policy about corporate emissions or state regulations is wonderful. While the small things you do for the environment certainly add up, supporting industries that practice factory farming can potentially negate everything else you do and then some. Factory farming is destroying the health of the planet.

And while people march around screaming “save the earth”, the truth of the matter is that the earth will be just fine. It’s humanity and almost all the known species on the planet that are doomed if things don’t change (and quickly!)… So you might be thinking that if there is no perfect vegan then there is no perfect environmentalist. That is true. And even a vegan environmentalist wouldn’t be perfect. However, someone who truly cares about the environment should be doing whatever is possible to practice what they preach. And by boycotting the industrial animal agriculture complex that is so destructive to the environment, the environmentalist is taking a stand for what they believe in’. SOURCE…


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