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Protesters lie in a ‘crime scene’ in Pamplona to represent bulls that will be killed in annual Spanish festival

The terrified bulls often crash into walls or loose their footing, sometimes breaking bones. And that's not the end of it. Later that day, they'll be tormented to death in the bullring.

BRIDIE PEARSON-JONES: ‘Dozens of protesters took to the streets of Pamplona, northern Spain to demonstrate against the city’s bullfighting tradition today. Wearing nothing but underwear, bull-horns, and a fake knife in their back, 54 animal rights activists laid down in front of the City Hall a day before of the famous San Fermin festival. The group made a fake ‘crime scene’ sticking down white tape to the floor in the shape of bulls. Fifty-four of them then lied down to represent the bulls that will die in this weekend’s festival…

Animal rights group PETA said that people travelled from Australia, Russia, the UK, Ireland, and the US to demonstrate. In a petition calling for the tradition to be banned, the group said: ‘Young bulls who have had very little contact with humans are transported to Pamplona on a long and stressful journey. ‘The festival organisers confine them to a small pen for several days.

‘Then, they release them into a noisy, chaotic mob of people – mostly tourists – who chase the terrified animals through the narrow streets of the city. ‘The bulls often crash into walls or lose their footing, sometimes breaking bones’. ‘And that’s not the end of it. Later that day, they’ll be tormented to death in the bullring’.

‘At least 48 bulls will be barbarically stabbed to death during the festival. The mayor of Pamplona needs to stop this bloodbath’. The festival sees more than 1000 daredevils ‘chased’ by the bulls down the city’s cobbled streets for four minutes’. SOURCE…


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