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From Brazilian Pastures to Middle Eastern Slaughterhouses

In the video, the cows, after a long trip across the ocean, hang high above the port, dangling in terror as they are lowered to the trucks that will take them to slaughter. Yet the horror doesn’t stop there.

GRANT LINGEL: ‘In September 2018, investigators from Animals Australia (AA) went undercover in Middle Eastern slaughterhouses to document the treatment of animals as part of an ongoing global investigation. What they discovered was the severe mistreatment and gruesome conditions of live animals exported to countries in the Middle East, the main destination of Brazilian animals.

The video footage obtained by undercover investigators shows the disturbing treatment they received upon arrival at their destination. Many animals were wearing ear tags from two major Brazilian companies, sparking their interest to dig into the export/import relationship between Brazil and the countries involved in their investigation in the Middle East.

The journey from Brazil to the Middle East is long and arduous. In addition to the stress of the unfamiliar environment, noise, high temperatures, and constant motion of the ship, animals are forced to suffer weeks of crowded conditions, lying in their own excrement. Animals arrive after a near three-week journey distraught, weakened, and exhausted.

In the video recorded by the investigators, some of the cows originally raised on Brazilian pastures are seen hanging by ropes as they’re forcefully hauled from the vessel after a long trip across the ocean. They hang high above the port, dangling in terror as they’re lowered to the trucks that will take them to slaughter. Yet the horror doesn’t stop here…

In one of the more gruesome scenes, a man is forcefully pulling at a rope tied around a cow’s face. She pulls away in agony, fighting for her freedom and her life. A gaping hole in her neck reveals tendons and muscle, an open flap with blood pouring out. The cow is alive and fighting to survive, exerting what little energy she has left before taking her last breath.

What turns this from a tragedy into an emergency is that these aren’t isolated incidents. This is normal behavior in the slaughterhouses. According to the AA investigators, cows are routinely and repeatedly stabbed in the eyes, ears, heads, and bodies. Their tails are twisted and broken by workers. The animals are beaten, punched, kicked, stabbed, and tormented to no end. The men show no sign of remorse’. SOURCE…


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