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‘Not worth living’: UK factory farm chicken horror as animals bred to full size in 35 days

The accelerated growth causes the heart and lungs to struggle, leading to high death rates. The legs cannot cope and buckle and break, leaving the birds stranded and unable to move.

GRACE MACREA: ‘According to the RSPCA, chicks grow from chicks to adult slaughter weight in just 35 days in UK factory farms… The RSPCA says many of the birds endure a life “not worth living”… The accelerated super growth is a result of special breeding programmes by genetics companies, driven by profit and a desire for cheap chicken by supermarkets, restaurants and shoppers.

However, this has devastating effects with the bodies of the birds go through extraordinary changes that lead to damage to their legs, hearts and lungs. The legs cannot cope and buckle and break, leaving the birds stranded in their own mess on barn floors, unable to move. The accelerated growth causes the heart and lungs struggle to cope, leading to high death rates…

A study carried out by Scotland’s Rural College, showed that fast-growing birds were up to twice as likely to die or be culled primarily due to ill health. The RSPCA’s Kate Parkes said people would be “horrified” if they knew the realities of the chicken they were eating. She said: “People are eating more chicken because they think it’s a healthy option but they would be horrified by the suffering these birds endure by being born into bodies which simply grow too fast. “The scale of this problem is vast… and we need to tackle it quickly…

The UK head of campaigns for World Animal Protection, James MacColl, warned of the “pain” and “distress” caused to the animals. He said: “The study findings clearly show fast-growing chicken breeds suffer from terrible health issues, “And many will live their short lives in pain and distress. They were up to four times more likely to suffer from hockburn, or sores on their legs from resting on the mess in their coops’. SOURCE…


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