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RITUALS OF BLOOD: Hundreds of whales slaughtered in Faroe Islands ritual turning ocean blood red

In total, 252 pilot whales and 35 Atlantic dolphins were killed. Sea Shepherd's boats were banned from waters and not able to disrupt the annual slaughter as in previous years.

NEWS.COM.AU: Animal rights groups are mourning the loss of hundreds of whales, slaughtered on a remote north Atlantic island in a controversial annual festival that’s been running for more than 1000 years. Every summer, those living on the Danish-owned Faroe Islands slaughter hundreds of whales and dolphins as they prepare for the harsh winter months ahead.

The Grindadràp festival involves hunters rounding the animals up with their boats before forcing them into a shallow bay and slaughtering them with spears… This year’s festival involved the killing of 252 pilot whales and 35 dolphins, according to animal rights organisation Sea Shepherd… ORCA, another animal rights organisation based in California, also mourned the deaths of the animals…

The organisation, whose ships have been banned from entering the bay, described the hunt as “barbaric”. In a statement, Sea Shepherd said: “252 long finned pilot whales and 35 Atlantic white sided dolphins were killed in Hvalba last night after the huge pod was found off Sandvik”…

The Faroe Islands, which is about halfway between Norway and Iceland, passed legislation in 2014 to ban the Sea Shepherd organisation’s boats from its waters after the animal rights group was able to block the hunters and disrupt the annual slaughter. The organisation’s ban from the archipelago mean there aren’t any pictures from this year’s hunt, however photos from last year show how quickly the water turns red from the killings. SOURCE…


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