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BLOOD, SWEAT, AND TEARS: Animal rights activists in blood-covered vehicle follow semis for 500 miles to expose animal cruelty

The 500 mile trip in California's hot desert sun was live-streamed in order to expose the cruel conditions that the pigs experience on the way from farm to slaughterhouse.

SIERRA ALLEY: Animal rights activists from the group Direct Action Everywhere [DXE] posted a live video of their journey across California as they tailed two semi-trucks full of pigs on their way to slaughter. Their journey was an attempt to expose the unjust conditions that the pigs experience on the way from the country’s largest pig farm, Smithfield’s Circle Four Farms in Utah, to their slaughterhouse located in California.

The drive was approximately 7-8 hours across the southwest desert in the middle of the summer heat. “We’re just trying to highlight how horrible this is for these animals from start to finish,” said an activist in the live stream. “We’re taking bold action here”… In the livestream, several members of the activist group can be seen covering their car in fake blood and messages meant to expose the pig farm.

Members of the activist group show the audience the semi-trucks they are following, calling them “slaughter trucks” throughout the video. They are calling for their followers to take action by joining their campaign for an immediate moratorium prohibiting the construction of new slaughterhouses and factory farms in California. SOURCE…


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