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ANIMAL LIVES DON’T MATTER: Protesters supported by animal rights ‘intersectional’ groups set ablaze severed pig’s head with police hat

Antifa & BLM protesters dumped a bloody severed pig's head on an American flag outside the Justice Center in Portland. They put a cop's hat on it and set all of it on fire.

ELLIE BUFKIN: Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters, [supported and aided by animal rights ‘intersectional’ organizations such as: PETA, DxE, Animal Save, Mercy for Animals, The Humane Society, Animal Outlook and many others], took aim at Portland’s Justice Center Thursday night creating a horrific display involving a severed pig head wearing a policeman’s hat, sitting on an American flag. The deceased animal’s head and flag were both lit on fire. Andy Ngo of the Post Millennial reported from the Justice Center.  The display of violence meant to strike fear in the hearts of law enforcement officers in Portland was certainly not part of any peaceful protest.

Police found an abandoned pet pig not far from that area in the earlier days of riots; they believed that was a first attempt to kill an animal in order to send a message to the police but the perpetrators abandoned their plan before they were able to carry it out…

According to Officer Natasha Haunsperger, a Portland police spokeswoman, said the pig goes by Betty. She’s a Yorkshire breed and someone in the community wrapped her in a blanket “to keep her warm.” Haunsperger said the bureau and members of the public worked Sunday morning to find Betty “safe shelter.” “Betty,” the officer said, “has found a home at a local animal farm where they will take good care of her.”

The pig apparently had been abandoned sometime overnight. Several people who had noticed the pig gently covered it with their own orange blanket and jackets, and contacted Mary McDonald-Lewis, an animal rights activist. McDonald-Lewis said she received a call about midnight to help with the estimated 300-pound swine found along the Eastbank Esplanade… [See: Protesters found, comforted pig in blanket along Willamette River, then flagged down Portland police for help]

The severed pig head found on Friday follows reports of other incidents of violence, including fireworks being thrown at officers that have been loaded with nails… The Justice Department also confirmed the level of violent tactics to which many rioters have chosen to use, including Molotov cocktails. SOURCE…


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