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Russian official’s public display of dog experiment enrages animal rights activists

OLGA ROBINSON:A senior Russian official has been criticised on social media after testing breathing technology on a dog in front of the visiting Serbian president. Deputy PM Dmitry Rogozin was showing President Aleksandar Vucic the results of the latest Russian research into liquid breathing whereby, rather than breathing air, an organism breathes an oxygen-rich liquid.

As part of the demonstration, broadcast on St Petersburg’s Channel 5, scientists in white coats put a dachshund named Nikolas headfirst into a container filled with the oxygen-saturated liquid. In a clip of the experiment posted on a Russian website, Nikolas the dog first tried to wriggle himself free, but then calmed down and apparently started to breathe. “The liquid gets into the lungs and the animal starts breathing in the liquid,” a commentator told the guests.

Although the dog survived the experiment, social media users and animal rights activists were quick to accuse Mr Rogozin of cruelty to animals… Ironically, the dog experiment was staged a day before President Vladimir Putin signed a law toughening punishment for animal cruelty. Over the past few years, Russia has seen violent incidents of animal cruelty’. SOURCE…


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