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British school targeted by animal rights activists after vegan parents criticise decade-long pig rearing project

VICTORIA WARD: ‘A rural secondary school was targeted by animal rights activists after a newly vegan parent raised concerns about a pig rearing project. Priestlands School, in Lymington, Hants, had allowed four female piglets due to be sent to the slaughterhouse next month to be cared for by pupils since their birth. Their meat would then have been served in the canteen and sold back to the school to teach children about the food chain.

But the project, which until now had been conducted without complaint every year for ten years and has been supported by Prince Charles, angered the father of an 11-year-old pupil so much he started a petition which garnered more than 36,000 signatures and led to school staff verbally abused by campaigners. Vincent Cook, 45, also found an animal sanctuary that would take the Tamworth & Gloucester Old Spot piglets and look after them for free…

Mr Cook, who is understood to have turned vegan around three months ago,  said he started the petition when Mr Willsher told him the animals would be slaughtered to teach children about where their food comes from.”We should be teaching children compassion towards animals,” he said. “The pig programme may have had its place in the past but we live in a more enlightened world now and it has to end’. SOURCE…


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