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The rise of the vegans: Are we falling out of love with meat?

CEREN SENKUL: ‘Each year, more and more people are going vegan. There are at least 542,000 vegans in the UK according to The Vegan Society, which doesn’t seem like a lot – but that is three and half times as many as there were in 2006, making it the fastest growing lifestyle movement. It is being driven by young people making more ethical and compassionate choices, with nearly half (42%) of all vegans in the UK aged 15-34 compared to 14% who are over 65. There are also around 1.2 million vegetarians in Britain…

Changing markets is proof that going meat and dairy free is definitely a trend that is sticking around. Ocado saw a 1,678% spike in vegan sales last year, and Tesco has hired a director of plant-based innovation who will drastically transform the vegan offering. People care more about what they eat and where their food comes from. Perhaps more importantly, they care about their health.

Research suggests there is an increased risk of certain cancers in people who consume more meat than those who do not. The internet means people can share videos, photos, articles, opinions and recipes with virtually anyone who happens to stumble across their page. It means that you cannot escape hearing news stories about heart disease and cancer’. SOURCE…


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