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All animals fear death: British farmers targeted by vegans who compare them to slave owners

AMANDA CASHMORE: ‘A trainee farmer has spoken out about threats and insults farmers receive from vegans… She said: ‘When you get called murderers and rapists, that’s really overstepping the mark’… Some farmers have even said they struggle to sleep, according to the National Pig Association…

Animal liberation activist known as Joe ‘Carbstrong’, who has taken part in protests with The Save Movement, said: ‘If abolitionists didn’t didn’t speak up for what happened back then with the slaves, it would never have been abolished’… Joey Carbstrong later added in a statement: ‘I bet the pigs can’t sleep at night either in their overcrowded conditions, mourning the loss of their piglets, facing imminent slaughter inside a gas chamber’…

There are now more than 542,000 vegans in the UK, according to the Vegan Society. The number of animal free food consumers is thought to have increased three fold in the last ten years, with almost half aged between 15 and 34′. SOURCE…


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