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Swedish zoo admits it has killed nine healthy lion cubs because it could not afford to keep them

IAIN BURNS: ‘A Swedish zoo has killed nine healthy lion cubs over the last six years because they became ‘surplus animals’, its CEO has revealed. Bo Kjellson said Borås Djurpark, in western Sweden, killed the cubs because they could not be sold or moved and because ‘aggression became too big’ in the group of lions. He also said more of the gracious predators may be ‘put to death’ if they cannot be sent elsewhere and do not settle in the pride…

Borås Djurpark, founded in 1962, is home to about 500 animals from 80 different species spread over nearly 100 acres of grounds… when animals born at the zoo do not fit into the group – or are not needed – they are killed, something Kjellson calls a ‘natural path’… Gothenburg University animal researcher Helena Pedersen said that killing animals is simply ‘part of’ running a zoo. She added: “I think we need to think about why it is important for us to have zoos and if it is worth the price that the animals pay for it”.’ SOURCE…


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