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Loyal dogs guard dead body of their friend after it was hit and killed on a busy road

GABRIEL ZAMFIR: ‘Tear-jerking video footage captured the moment four loyal stray dogs refused to move from the middle of a busy road after their canine pal was hit and killed by a car… The tragic incident occurred in Lanzhou, in the Gansu province of Central China. The animals had been trying to cross the same street together, but while the majority of the group made it across safely, one of the dogs was not so lucky.

After being struck by the vehicle, the dog remained in the middle of the road yelping in pain, prompting its pals to return and nuzzle their friend to get up and move to safety. Eyewitnesses said that the four dogs did not seem to understand that their friend had been killed, and they then stood around the body protectively waiting for their injured member to get up and leave the road…

The clip quickly went viral with online commentators noting the strength of the friendship between the animals. One Weibo user wrote: “If only humans could be more like these dogs.” It is reported that the dogs only left the road when a passerby moved the dead dog’s body to one side’. SOURCE…


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