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CRUELTY WARNING: Meat from animals killed while still conscious to have a special label under new UK laws

HUGO GYE: ‘Shoppers can avoid buying meat from animals which are killed while conscious under new plans being considered by ministers. Consumers who believe it’s cruel not to stun animals before they are killed would be able to check the label in supermarkets to discover the origin of their meat. The proposed move – which will only be possible after Brexit – is intended to give more transparency to shoppers… Lord Hodgson said: “There are among us those who would prefer not to eat meat that has been slaughtered using a mechanism that we believe causes unnecessary suffering…

Devout Jews and some Muslims refuse to eat meat from animals which were stunned before their death. Instead, they insist that animals must be killed while they are still conscious. But some campaigners say that is cruel, because it means the animals end up feeling pain during the slaughter process. EU laws dictate animals must be stunned – but they contain exemptions for religious belief’. SOURCE…


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