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Lab Monkey Deaths Raise Questions About Animal Testing in the US

CHRISTIANNA REED:A study examining nicotine addiction has been shut down by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) after four squirrel monkey test subjects died during the experiment… The deaths of the lab monkeys raised weighty questions about how animal testing is conducted in the U.S… FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb has already initiated an independent investigation of the FDA’s research programs that engage in animal testing, starting with the programs at the National Center for Toxicological Research in Arkansas where the nicotine study was conducted. Additionally, the agency formed a new Animal Welfare Council increase oversight of animal research.

While these steps sound promising, they come only after strong pushback from animal rights activists, including an open letter to Gottlieb from Jane Goodall. After news broke that three lab monkeys died from anesthesia and another from a type of gastric bloat, Goodall told Gottlieb that she was shocked that such “cruel and unnecessary” studies were still being federally funded… [while] many new technologies have the potential to make much of our current animal research obsolete… [However], Gottlieb remains convinced that new methods and technologies… will not entirely replace the need for animal testing’. SOURCE…


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