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Miami monkey importer mailed white powder to himself, then blamed animal rights group

DAVID OVALLE: ‘Worldwide Primates, a controversial South Florida company that imports monkeys for biomedical research, has long attracted the ire of animal-rights protesters. Then came a threatening letter — loaded with a suspicious white powder — mailed to the mother of the company’s founder, Matthew Block. Miami Beach police, firefighters and federal agents rushed to the home… “WE’LL BE BACK AND YOU WON’T KNOW WHEN,” the letter read. “YOU ARE THE LOWEST PIECE OF CRAP WALKING THE EARTH AND YOU DESERVE WHAT YOU DO TO HELPLESS MONKEYS EVERY DAY!”

It turns out, the letter was just a ruse — sent by Block himself. It was part of an elaborate plot intended to frame his longtime nemesis, the animal-rights group called Smash HLS. For sending the letters, Block pleaded guilty recently to a federal charge of intentionally conveying false information through the mail… At a previously unpublicized hearing in January, Block accepted five years of probation and agreed to pay $14,872 for the cost of the police investigation. He got no prison time’. SOURCE…


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