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Seeing the Sad Animals at America’s Worst Aquarium Broke My Heart

JAMIE LEE CURTIS TAETE: ‘The Morro Bay Aquarium, on California’s Central Coast, is scheduled to close in September of this year… One Yelp user referred to the attraction as “the saddest place I have ever seen.” Another called it “the most depressing place in California.” Someone else warned that “it will ruin your whole day.” Another said that it will “give you nightmares.” One person called it “seal Guantanamo.” I made the drive up to Morro Bay late last year to check it out for myself… The fish room was so bleak it felt as though each design decision had been specifically made to maximize its misery.

The sadness was so obvious and over the top that if you were to pitch photos of it as set designs for the Penguin’s lair in a Christopher Nolan Batman movie, they would be rejected for being too on the nose. The fish themselves were, for the most part, motionless. Just kind of suspended in their tanks, staring out at the world. I don’t think I’ve ever assigned a complex emotion to a fish before, but they looked sad… I left the aquarium feeling thoroughly bummed out’. SOURCE…

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