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‘World’s Saddest Zoo’ On Highest Floor Of Shopping Centre Causes Public Outrage

The gorilla Bua Noi has been living a nightmare since 1983, when she was caught as a baby. She is enclosed on the sixth floor and has never set foot outside since then.

CLAIRE REID: ‘A journalist has captured shocking footage from inside the ‘world’s saddest zoo’ located on the top floor of a shopping centre in Bangkok in Thailand. The video, filmed at Pata Zoo, shows a gorilla showing signs of distress, rolling in circles around her cramped enclosure as well as bored looking monkeys swinging back and forth from the bars of their cage and some sort of mountain cat pacing along a concrete floor.

The heart-breaking video was filmed by journalist Julian King; who said: “On the highest floor of a shopping mall these animals are held captive for over 30 years living in horrible conditions. “Bua Noi (the gorilla) – meaning little lotus in Thai – has been living a nightmare since 1983. She is enclosed on the sixth floor and has never set foot outside since then… Bua Noi was caught when she was just a baby and has spent her life inside a cage, by herself, ever since…

In 2014 Thailand introduced an animal welfare law that technically protects animals against this kind of facility – but sadly, the law isn’t always enforced… Edwin Wiek, director and founder of Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand, previously said: “[Pata] Zoo was founded by a notorious wildlife trader and this facility does not fit in the world of 2018. We can’t wait for authorities to finally close it down”.’ SOURCE…


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