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PETA’s San Jose billboard calls egg-eaters bad feminists, ruffles feathers

Dairy farmers keep their cows almost constantly pregnant by forcibly inseminating them and harvesting their milk, while hens are slaughtered when they can no longer produce eggs.

Editor The ARK Center

MICHELLE ROBERTSON: ‘People are clucking about a new billboard off Highway 101 in San Jose that claims feminism and egg consumption are incompatible. The message isn’t sitting well with vegans or feminists (or vegan feminists). People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are behind the new sign, which went up last week at 1221 Oakland Road, near the Burger King and Carl’s Jr. Featuring a blonde woman with an egg in place of her face, the billboard reads: “Face it — you can’t claim to be a feminist and still eat eggs.” In smaller print, it says, “Eggs and dairy are a product of the abuse of females.”

PETA is not referring to abuses of women workers in the agriculture and farming industries, but the abuse of female animals… PETA spokesperson Marissa Price explained that.. dairy farmers keep their cows “almost constantly” pregnant by forcibly inseminating them, before separating them from their calves and harvesting their milk. It also claims that hens are slaughtered when they can no longer produce eggs… “In this ad, we’re asking people to go vegan in solidarity with female animals who are being sexually abused,” she said.’ SOURCE…


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