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Vegan documentary ‘Dominion’ dubbed too confronting to watch

A film review last year described how the dramatic editing of the documentary brought the viewer to a 'near-frantic level of wanting to make it stop'. Viewers can hardly bear watching it.

STEPHANIE BEDO: ‘The vegan documentary Dominion wants to shock you… Viewers are presented secret footage of the mistreatment of animal after animal — from turkeys to rabbits, foxes, ducks and camels — all focused on Australia and narrated by celebrities including Joaquin Phoenix. The documentary shows graphic scenes of animals being gassed, slaughtered, beheaded, minced, crammed into tiny stalls and running for their lives when they realise their fate smelling the blood of those killed before them. It details the treatment of animals used for food, fashion, entertainment and experiments… Viewers can hardly bear watching it… A review on Medium last year described how the dramatic editing of the documentary brought the viewer to a “near-frantic level of wanting to make it stop”…

This week marks one year since the release of Dominion, created by Chris Delforce… Vegan protesters have been calling for attention for the film and they got it when they chained themselves together at locations around the country and blocked Melbourne’s biggest intersection. Mr Delforce is also the man behind Aussie Farms, which created a controversial “attack map” of farms across the country it accused of animal cruelty practices. Mr Delforce went head to head with National Farmers’ Federation president Fiona Simpson during a heated debate on The Project when the map was released in January.

He said the footage showed “the reality of modern farming” with tens of thousands of animals crammed into sheds and 20 sheds on a single property. “That reality is hidden,” he said. “People don’t know what you can get away with when you’re farming animals. Things like mutilation of piglets without anaesthetic, the grinding up of male chicks in the egg industry on their first day of life because they’re useless to the industry. “These are standard practices that are perfectly legal. Most people would be horrified if they knew about them”.’  SOURCE…


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