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Animal Rights Activists: Cops Punish Protesters While Letting Corporations Off for Animal Torture

Smithfield Foods has systematically denied animal rights and damaged the environment. And yet the government bailout of the pork industry largely went to companies like Smithfield and other agribusiness conglomerates.

DEMOCRACY NOW: ‘Following the release of nearly 100 animal rights activists who were arrested for carrying out a rescue mission and protest at a Northern California duck farm this week, we speak with the founders of the group that coordinated the protest, Direct Action Everywhere. Priya Sawhney and Wayne Hsiung are both facing years of jail time for conducting a series of actions protesting animal torture in recent years.

Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Bonnie Klapper writes, “When law enforcement has become aware of the existence of animal cruelty, its response has not been to address [it]. To the contrary, the response has been to hunt down and arrest the rescuers and even attempt to return the injured, sick, dying animals to the agricultural facility”.’   SOURCE…


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