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NO RESPIT FOR THE ANIMALS: Amid Pandemic, Heroic Animal Rights Protesters Target Supermarkets

Protester wanted people to make the connection between diseases like COVID-19 and animal agriculture, and urged shoppers to save animals by going vegan.

TMZ: PETA is not about to let a little thing like a deadly pandemic stop them from fighting for animals … the protests won’t stop, and grocery stores are the big target. The animal rights org tells TMZ … protests are focusing on supermarkets because they are one of the few businesses still open in the pandemic, and PETA wants people to make a connection between diseases like COVID-19 and animal agriculture.

PETA protested outside a grocery store in Reno, NV this week … using a PETA cow to urge shoppers to save animals by going vegan. Next week, PETA says a chicken will be advocating a similar message to shoppers outside a supermarket in Sioux Falls, SD. While some might question the optics of PETA protesting outside grocery stores in this climate — scared shoppers standing in long lines — the organization says they’ve had no complaints from grocery stores.

PETA’s got a heart for humans too, and they’re taking steps to protect their loyal protesters from catching the virus… Activists are also wearing masks that read, “meat markets are breeding markets for diseases” … and PETA’s encouraging its ranks to work from home, which means sending Starbucks messages telling them to end the surcharge on vegan milks. SOURCE…


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