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THE DEVIL’S BRIGADE: Professional shooters will hunt and kill up to 10,000 thirsty camels for drinking water

The mass killing of camels will last 5 days. Countless photos and videos of desperate thirsty animals, including koalas and kangaroos, approaching humans for water have gone viral on social media.

SOPHIE LEWIS: ‘Amidst the devastating wildfires spreading across Australia, up to 10,000 camels will be shot and killed following complaints that they are drinking too much water. The murder spree will last approximately five days… Countless photos and videos of thirsty animals — including koalas and kangaroos — approaching humans for water have gone viral on social media over the last few months…

Aboriginal officials in the remote, sparsely-populated northwest region of the South Australia province said the wild animals are endangering locals who are struggling to get enough water during a massive drought. Officials now plan to shoot and kill the camels in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands, they said in a statement.

Officials said “extremely large groups of camels and other feral animals… are putting pressure on the remote Aboriginal communities in the APY Lands.” They said the animals are threats to the community, consuming their scarce water and food supplies and endangering travelers…

The Department for Environment and Water told CBS News that an estimated 10,000 camels are flocking to tanks, taps and any other available water sources in local communities… Professional shooters will hunt the animals from helicopters provided by the state DEA, “in accordance with the highest standards of animal welfare.” Some of the camels will be left where they are killed, but those that are accessible will be burnt or buried’. SOURCE…


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