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INVESTIGATION: Starving pigs resort to cannibalism to stay alive in Northern Ireland’s ‘high welfare’ farm

Tuesday Goti: It was absolutely harrowing. One pig had a hole in both of her sides and was being cannibalized. They were eating her while she was alive. She didn’t even have the strength to scream.

JOE ROBERTS: ‘Too weak to defend themselves, this horrific footage and pictures show pigs being eaten alive at a ‘high welfare’ farm. They were revealed by animal rights activists and have sparked investigations by the government and Red Tractor, a food assurance scheme, which has suspended the farm’s membership. The campaign group Meat The Victims said they were monitoring the pigs for weeks before entering the McGuckian Brothers farm in Ballymena, Northern Ireland… The undercover investigation was led by Tuesday Goti, a full-time vegan activist,… joined by activists from around the world, from as far as Canada, New Zealand, Spain and Germany…

Shocking pictures posted to social media show dead pigs with bloodied faces strewn over the floor of the farm. Other pigs have gaping wounds in their hind legs, which have been slowly gnawed by other animals in the pen. Tuesday Goti said the experience was ‘absolutely harrowing’. She told ‘One of the pigs actually had a hole in both of her sides and she was being cannibalised. ‘They were eating her while she was alive. She didn’t even have the strength to scream. ‘She was just softly whimpering and there was nothing we could do but watch that’… ‘One police officer asked me “are all farms like this?” and she had tears in her eyes speaking to me…

Red Tractor said they conducted an unannounced inspection of the farm within the last six months and did not witness any of the conditions seen in the footage and pictures. A Red Tractor spokesperson for said: ‘We were shocked by the images we saw, protecting animal health and welfare is one of our top priorities and we take any breaches to our Standards very seriously. ‘We launched an immediate investigation to fully understand the extent of the issues on the farm, and to substantiate the claims’… The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) confirmed it is investigating the footage’. SOURCE…


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