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‘KILLER SLUTS’: Twin-sisters complain of abuse after posting their hunting pictures on Instagram

Rikke stated 'It was a great memory to see my twin sister Trine hunt her first red stag. The glowing look on her face, when she saw that big animal fall was unforgettable'.

NIAMH CAVANAUGH: ‘Twin sisters from Denmark claim that hunting has brought them closer despite receiving death threats from online trolls and being called “killer sluts”. Rikke and Trine Jacobsen, 26, have been hunting with their father since they were 10-years-old… The vet nurse and physiotherapist have hunted various animals including foxes, boars, deer, and pheasants with their family. In 2015 they received their hunting licence after years of shadowing their 56-year-old father, Frank.

The twins, from Ry in Denmark, are so passionate about their pastime that they post pictures of their kills to Instagram. Some of the pictures include a bloody knife after a hunt, pictures of a skinned carcass and the sisters posing with the dead animals… they have also been on the receiving end of online abuse. Rikke said: “A guy said to me once, ‘you may also suffer the same fate as the poor animals you are killing.’” She continued: “One guy wrote me a message once that I was a ‘killer sl*t’.” Despite the messages they get, they insist that they “don’t really care” and they believe they are “doing the world a favour”…

Rikke said: “It was a great memory to see my twin sister hunt her first red stag in the Scottish Highlands. The glowing look on her face, when she saw that big animal fall was unforgettable”… Trine added: “It’s a lifestyle, and as much I enjoy going hunting and killing an animal myself, I enjoy just as much seeing Rikke do it. It’s an adventure every time we go out”… Rikke said: “Sometimes we go hunting for foxes, including the small ones, and when they are puppies, they remind us of dog puppies”… The sisters hope to continue to fill their freezer with “high-quality game meat.” Trine said: “There is nothing like sitting down with a steak that you procured yourself by hunting’. SOURCE…


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