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Air France urged to stop flying monkeys to Coronavirus labs for pointless and deadly vaccine tests

Air France is the only major airline to continue transporting monkeys to laboratories, despite the failure of these cruel and deadly tests to yield an effective Covid-19 vaccine.

ANNA SAVVA: Animal rights activists are calling on the world’s airlines to stop transporting monkeys to coronavirus testing labs. Leading animal rights charity PETA is telling airlines to stop aiding the shipment of live monkeys for “callous” coronavirus experiments. PETA says Air France is the only major airline to continue to transport monkeys to laboratories, despite the supposed failure of primate experimentation to find cures and treatments. Monkeys are being infected with deadly forms of coronavirus in a bid to find a successful vaccine for the current COVID-19 epidemic.

Several labs are said to be testing antiviral drugs and vaccines on tiny macaques in a bid to find a cure for the pandemic, which has infected nearly 2m people worldwide and killed over 110,000… Monkeys are also said to be infected with coronavirus in China at the Institute of Laboratory Animal Sciences at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, by inserting a dose of the germs into the animal’s windpipes. One of the monkeys who then died of the illness was then dissected.

PETA would like to see a halt to such experiments, arguing that they are not just cruel but ineffective… PETA is now spearheading a campaign to halt monkey testing as hundreds of caged primates are infected in what it brands “pointless and deadly” experiments. The group said: “With the current spotlight on public health and dangerous diseases, it’s more important than ever that Air France stop shipping primates to laboratories. PETA won’t give up until it does.” Not only does PETA claim transporting monkeys is cruel, campaigners say the experiments don’t work.

PETA said: “Monkeys are poor models when it comes to studying the effects of coronavirus on humans… “Animals are not tiny humans, and experiments on them have failed dismally in all areas of research. The use of monkeys as models of human infection in SARS and MERS (also coronaviruses) experimentation failed to yield any significant insight into these diseases in humans. It’s unlikely that the situation with Covid-19 will be any different, and we already know the virus isn’t the same in humans as it is in monkeys. SOURCE…


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