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HOGWOOD: Gripping new documentary exposes attempts to silence undercover animal activists

Tony Wardle: The public has a right to see the horrors that take place beyond the factory farm walls, endorsed and funded by huge corporations and governments.

FILM INDUSTRY NETWORK: The documentary ‘Hogwood: A Modern Horror Story’ reveals a real and shocking home-grown conspiracy that sheds light on the true impact of intensive farming. Streaming on Amazon Prime, Apple TV and Google Play Movies, the 35-minute indie documentary follows an intrepid group of undercover investigators as they enter the UK’s biggest factory farms. The conspiracy unfolds as they fight against some of the most powerful players in the animal agriculture industry, delicately weaving a chilling tale of negligence and greed.

Narrated by Jerome Flynn, best known for his role as Bronn in HBO’s Game of Thrones, the documentary centres around the quaintly named Hogwood farm. Jerome opens the documentary against the picturesque backdrop of rural England, just minutes away from the farm. He tells the disturbing tale of HOGWOOD and how it came to be one of the most infamous pig farms in the UK. His narrative is intertwined with undercover footage and interviews with investigators and activists representing the animal welfare group Viva! — who conducted the campaign…

It paints a bleak picture of how meat pollutes our planet and puts us at risk of further disease pandemics, highlighting the catastrophic impact if we do not reduce our meat and dairy consumption. The film’s release coincides with the growing debate surrounding animal farming and the associated risks following the dramatic impact COVID-19 has had on the international community… documentaries like HOGWOOD are raising awareness of the dangers and giving people an insight into the risks such as the transmission of disease from livestock to humans…

Director and producer of HOGWOOD, Tony Wardle, said: “I have been producing investigative documentaries for many years and no film has been more harrowing than HOGWOOD. The name ‘a modern horror story’ could not be more apt; there are modern horror stories taking place each day in the British countryside. Not only are these horrors hidden from sight, but they are endorsed and funded by huge corporations and the Government. That is why this film had to be made — because the public has a right to see what takes place beyond the factory farm walls.”  SOURCE…


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