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Animal rights protesters block-off entrance to animal testing laboratory and climb airport mast

The protesters from group Smash Speciesism posted online: 'We are here to expose Charles River. We are not going away. Vivisection has not been subdued.'

JACK DYSON: Animal rights protesters have gathered in Thanet on August 19… and climbed a radar mast at Manston Airport in Ramsgate and attached a flag opposing animal testing. They have also blocked the entrance gates to the Charles River animal experiment and testing laboratory in Manston Road. One sign being held up by a protester reads: “Speak. The voice for the animals”. “The very unpredictability of an experiment should tell against it morally, since hypothetical benefits cannot outweigh actual harms”…

Two animal rights protesters have blocked off the entrance to a testing laboratory… Photographs from the scene show the activists dressed in white bodysuits sitting in front of the entrance to the building. They are thought to be from group Smash Speciesism, which has posted online: “We are here to expose Charles River. “We are not going away. Vivisection has not been subdued despite the most valiant efforts by our comrades over the past few decades.”

Placed in between the campaigners is a sign saying “end vivisection”… An eyewitness told KentOnline that the protesters intend on being there “for at least the rest of today”. “There is a large demonstration happening at Charles River in Manston,” he added. “There appears to be two people chained to the main entrance, a large assembly around them, and also someone occupying a nearby tower.”  SOURCE 1…    SOURCE 2…


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