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Will Kymlicka: ‘Zoopolis’ author to give FREE virtual lecture on animal-friendly democracies

There are deep disagreements about how to represent animals politically. They rest in part on deeper disagreements about the very nature and value of democracy itself.

NYU: Will Kymlicka, co-author of Zoopolis: A Political Theory of Animal Rights, will discuss the role of animals in the political process in “Towards an Animal-Friendly Democracy,” a virtual lecture, on Fri., Dec. 4, 2-3:30 p.m. EST. To RSVP for the lecture, hosted by NYU Animal Studies, please visit the event page.

Animal ethicists agree that animals warrant representation in democratic decision-making processes, but they disagree on how this representation should occur. These disagreements are rooted, in part, in conflicting views about the nature and value of democracy itself.

Will Kymlicka, the Canada Research Chair in Political Philosophy at Queen’s University, will consider the significance of community and agency in addressing the contours of this debate. In addition to Zoopolis, which he co-authored with Sue Donaldson, Kymlicka co-edited, with Charlotte E. Blattner and Kendra Coulter, Animal Labour: A New Frontier of Interspecies Justice?  SOURCE…


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