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THE THRILL OF THE KILL: A Behind the Scenes Exposé of Killing Animals For Fun

Botswana’s President from 2008-2014, who banned trophy hunting while he was in office, compares trophy hunting to how ISIS terrorists display the severed heads of their victims.

MARC BEKOFF: In his latest book called Trophy Leaks: Trophy Hunters and Industry Secrets Revealed, the third in a series focusing on the violent sport of trophy hunting, award-winning author and Animal Hero Awards winner Eduardo Gonçalves “exposes the incredible kill scores of the world’s top trophy hunters and the astonishing ‘covert operations’ funded by the industry to prevent their sick sport from being banned.” Eduardo’s highly respected trilogy has been recognized as the most thorough detailed data-driven exposé of this wide-ranging brutal industry.

The group who hunt for sport include many medical doctors, dentists (one of whom, an American, killed Cecil the lion, a reprehensible murder that went viral globally), lawyers, educators, executives, and “conservationists”. Abigail Day, a Cambridge educated lawyer, has killed more than 200 “trophy animals” and has been recognized as a top trophy hunter and has won more than 20 awards from Safari Club International (SCI) who support this egregious activity. “She is one of only two living British hunters known to have won SCI’s ‘African Big 5’ award for shooting a lion, elephant, leopard, rhino, and cape buffalo.”

The book’s foreword comes from Ian Khama, Botswana’s President from 2008-2014 and who banned trophy hunting while he was in office. He compares trophy hunting to how ISIS terrorists display the severed heads of their victims… In two previous interviews with Mr. Gonçalves, the world’s leading authority on recreational killing, he covered many other aspects of the “extinction industry” and “gratuitous killing for fun.”3 Here’s what he had to say about his new riveting game-changing book that is receiving high praise from conservative as well as progressive media. SOURCE…


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