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THE SEDUCTION OF REDUCTION: Do EU lawmakers really plan to end science experiments on animals?

The EU resolution also stated: 'There are cases where animal experiments are still needed to gain scientific insights for certain diseases due to the current unavailability of non-animal methods'.

AFP: The European Parliament on Thursday passed a non-binding resolution calling for an end to scientific research on animals in the EU. An overwhelming majority of legislators approved the resolution in a move that was praised by animal rights groups. “MEPs request an EU-wide action plan with ambitious and achievable objectives as well as timelines for phasing out the use of animals in research and testing,” a statement released by the legislative body said.

According to figures released by the European Commission, the 27-member bloc collectively used over 8 million animals in scientific research in 2018. While the numbers are in yearly decline, MEPs are calling to speed up the phaseout process. EU legislators said medium and long-term funds should be made available to support the transition to alternative methods of testing.

The parliament also said it recognizes the contribution of animal testing to medical advances, including COVID-19 vaccines. “MEPs understand that there are cases where animal experiments are still needed to gain scientific insights for certain diseases due to the current unavailability of non-animal methods,” the statement said, adding that in these exceptional cases, testing should only take place in conditions that “minimize pain, distress and suffering” inflicted on animals…

Current EU legislation strives to protect the welfare of animals still needed for research. However, animal rights activists say animals are still held in abhorrent conditions and subjected to suffering they claim is “unnecessary. Animals used for research in the EU include monkeys, dogs, cats, rabbits, mice and rats…

Brussels-based animal rights NGO collective, Eurogroup For Animals, said it was a “historic moment for the animal protection movement” in a statement… Humane Society International, echoed similar remarks, calling the resolution “a historic opportunity to take animal suffering out of the equation and shift the focus to modern, cutting-edge, human-relevant research”. SOURCE…

[Animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) issued the following statement:

In a monumental move for animals in European Union laboratories and for science worldwide, the European Parliament almost unanimously passed a resolution calling on the European Commission to create an action plan to end all experiments on animals – 667 members voted for the resolution, with just 4 four against.

This groundbreaking move comes after PETA entities presented PETA’s Research Modernization Deal to members of the European Parliament (MEP) and after extensive lobbying by PETA entities and other animal protection organizations in Europe.  Specifically, the motion for a resolution calls for accelerating scientific innovation without the use of animals in research, regulatory testing, and education…

PETA’s Research Modernization Deal outlines the failure of studies on animals to lead to treatments and cures for humans and provides a comprehensive strategy to move away from the use of animals, beginning with ending animal use in areas of research where it’s known to fail…

“The European Parliament reviewed our evidence and took action to advance science and spare animals,” says PETA President Ingrid Newkirk. “The U.S. Congress must now follow suit and require implementation of PETA’s Research Modernization Deal or risk falling behind scientifically.”

PETA entities in the EU are now calling on the European Commission to act urgently on the will of the European Parliament and to use the Research Modernization Deal to deliver a Europe in which no animals are used in experiments. SOURCE…


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