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THE BARBARIANS AT THE TABLE: ‘Militant’ animal rights and vegan activists accuse diners of supporting an ‘animal holocaust’

gen Tash Peterson leaving WA - vegan activist at May 2nd protest Bather's Beach

What is abhorrent, barbaric and outright shameful is supporting the dairy industry and other animal industries. People should be outraged by the animal holocaust they are contributing to.

CHARLIE COE: Dramatic footage has captured the moment a militant vegan activist clashed with a seafood restaurant owner after accusing his diners of being animal abusers and supporting ‘an animal holocaust’… Animal rights extremist Tash Peterson was ordered to leave by staff after storming into the Bathers Beach House in Fremantle, Perth last week.

Ms Peterson… stood on a table as she and her fellow activists accused customers of being complicit ‘in the largest holocaust in human history’. ‘This is an emergency – the whole ocean is under threat. Fish are ripped from the ocean and brutally murdered,’ she told stunned diners inside the restaurant.

The bearded hotelier accused the 27-year-old of trespassing before approaching her cameraman and escorting him out onto the boardwalk. ‘You’ve been asked to leave. I’ve asked nicely and now it’s time to go – you’re on my property,’ he said. The cameraman said repeatedly ‘don’t touch me’ as the owner walked directly towards him with his arms raised in an attempt to make the group leave.

The protesters moved out onto a footpath next to the restaurant, where they chanted ‘animal abusers’ and ‘fish feel pain, fish want to live’ while unfurling a banner that urged people to watch the Netflix documentary Seaspiracy. ‘This is all about you – this is about nothing else but you,’ the owner said. ‘No this is about the largest holocaust in history,’ Ms Peterson shouted back.

The group left the restaurant after almost five minutes and constant pleas for them to go home from frustrated diners and staff. The video emerged after Ms Peterson was slammed for comparing the abduction of four-year-old Cleo Smith to baby cows being taken from their mothers.

The ‘belligerent’ animal rights ‘extremist’ accused the Australian public of hypocrisy for celebrating Cleo’s rescue from a locked home in Carnarvon, Western Australia. The four-year-old was returned to mum Ellie and stepdad Jake Gliddon 18 days after she was kidnapped from a remote campsite during a family holiday.

Ms Peterson claimed abducting a child was no morally different to taking baby animals in the meat and dairy industry. ‘Whilst Australia celebrates the rescue of Cleo… the majority of the nation pay people to steal babies from their mothers and shoot them in the head on dairy farms,’ she captioned an image of a young cow.

‘This is an image of a five-day-old baby awaiting his murder in a slaughterhouse in Tasmania. ‘Males born in the dairy industry are often murdered just days old because they don’t produce milk.’ The militant vegan went on to claim people who bought dairy products supported the ‘rape, slavery, abuse, murder and the abduction of babies’.

‘One day this heinous crime towards non humans will be illegal just like it is amongst humans. Be on the right side of history, live vegan.’ Some commenters agreed with the comparison that ‘every mother is a mother’, but even some of her most loyal supporters said she had gone too far…

Despite the online backlash, the controversial plant-based campaigner doubled down on her claims and lashed out at her critics. ‘It’s fascinating witnessing the cognitive dissonance and how challenged people are feeling from a statement that I made which points out the blatant hypocrisy within our society,’ she wrote…

‘The purpose of my post was to highlight the engrained anthropocentrism and speciesism within our society, it meant no disrespect to Cleo. ‘People are accusing me of being iniquitous and offensive for drawing comparisons between the abduction of a human and the abduction of a non human, with no consideration of the fact that we are all animals who feel pain and suffering. ‘All animals (human and non human) are mothers, fathers, children and babies with families with emotional connections.’

Anthropocentrism is the belief that humans are the only, or primary, holders of moral standing, and are separate from and superior to nature. Ms Peterson claimed the majority of the people who disagreed with her post were ‘actively paying for people to abduct babies from their mothers’.

She said those who labelled the comparison as distasteful needed a ‘reality check’ and should be outraged by the ‘animal holocaust’ they were contributing to. ‘What is abhorrent, barbaric and outright shameful is supporting the dairy industry and other animal industries,’ she concluded. SOURCE…


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