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Pete Paxton: No one wants to work in a slaughterhouse with this undercover investigator

ANA BRADLEY: Pete Paxton is an active undercover investigator who has been involved in animal cruelty investigations since 2001. He has worked all over the world including the US in Canada and Mexico, Brazil, India and the Philippines, where his investigations have led to changes in legislation, convictions and the rescue of countless victims of animal cruelty. He has also been awarded a coin of excellence from the US Attorney’s Office in Arkansas for his role in shutting down an operation selling dogs and cats to research labs.

Pete’s work features in his book ‘Rescue Dogs’ and you can see him in action in HBO documentaries ‘Dealing Dogs’ and ‘Death on a Factory Farm’. In this Sentient Media podcast, Pete Paxton shares his experiences working in illegal slaughterhouses, the complex moral battles undercover investigators face, the corrupt world of puppy mills, and more. SOURCE…


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