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LOOK AND LISTEN: The screams and scratches of pigs struggling to escape slaughterhouse gas chambers

Although it is normal to feel outrage and sadness, but the best way to help the animals is to direct these negative emotions into positive action by going vegan and campaigning for animal liberation and ethical veganism.

VIVA: Of the 10.7 million pigs killed in the UK each year, almost 90 per cent are stunned via gassing before being slaughtered. Pigs are lowered into a chamber containing a minimum concentration of 80 per cent carbon dioxide (CO2). The pigs are kept in the chamber until they are completely unconscious which can take up to 30 seconds. The pigs are then shackled by one hind leg, hoisted and bled. Their throats must then be cut within 15 seconds to avoid them from regaining consciousness.

The suffering this causes the pigs has led to calls for the practice to be banned. In 2020, EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) published a report on the welfare of pigs at slaughter. A panel of scientists concluded: “Exposure to CO2 at high concentrations (higher than 80% by volume) is considered a serious welfare concern because it is highly aversive and causes pain, fear, and respiratory distress”…SOURCE…

Scratch marks from 23,000 pigs trying to escape every day. In a holding pen en route to gas chambers at Ontario slaughterhouse. SOURCE…

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