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Should Vegans Have Children?: Examining the links between animal ethics and antinatalism

Ethical vegans believe that it is seriously immoral to eat animal-based products and bring into existence these animals whose lives would be miserable. Such a belief leads to the conclusion that vegans should abstain from having children. After all, humans will suffer in life, and having children is not necessary for a good life.

JOONA ROSANEN: Moral vegans believe that we should not eat animals or animal-based products, such as eggs or milk, because producing them causes unnecessary suffering to animals. Eating meat or animal-based products is not necessary. It is morally wrong. Likewise, we should not wear fur or leather, or use animals in any other ways that cause them unnecessary suffering. Antinatalists believe that having children is morally wrong for similar reasons.

Their argument in its most basic form is: All human life contains suffering and having children is not necessary, so it is immoral to have children. While not all vegans think that unnecessary suffering is the only reason for thinking that eating or using animal-based products is morally wrong, the tenet is so central to all vegan thinking, that logically, vegans should also be antinatalists. Vegans should not have children for the same reasons they believe we should not consume or use animal products. Once they have been aware of this conclusion, vegans should stop having children. I will start by exploring the arguments behind ethical veganism. SOURCE…


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