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Turns Out, Animals “Can” Feel Pain, the UK Government Has Admitted

MATTHEW KIRBY: ‘Government ministers were accused this week of voting down the idea animals could feel pain; after it insisted European Union laws on animal sentience should be erased from the rulebook. But following uproar from campaigners and animal-lovers alike, their environmental secretary has been forced to concede “animals are sentient and feel pain”…

In a written House of Commons statement, Michael Gove promised to make “any necessary changes” to ensure Brexit would not weaken rules around treating animals as sentient beings. Addressing animal welfare concerns, he confirmed that the Government would now look for “a rigorous and comprehensive way to ensure animal sentience is recognised” under British law:

“We are acting energetically to reduce the risk of harm to animals, whether on farms or in the wild”. Humane Society International’s Claire Bass welcomed the announcement, saying “acknowledging that animals have the capacity to suffer and feel pain is absolutely fundamental to protecting them”. Gove even hints that the UK may pursue tougher animal welfare rules, insisting the EU law had failed in its efforts to block live animal imports and puppy smuggling in the past’. SOURCE…


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