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Gove says ‘Frankencows’ could be allowed after Brexit to help farmers produce ‘more valuable’ animals

TIM SCULTHORPE: ‘Genetically modified animals could be allowed in Britain after Brexit to help farmers produce more valuable livestock, Michael Gove suggested today. Leaving himself open to a charge of giving a greenlight for ‘Frankencows’, Mr Gove said ‘gene editing technology’ could come to Britain in a major speech. The Environment Secretary raised the prospect in a speech outlining his vision for a ‘green Brexit’ but warned it was a moral question that had to be carefully considered…

In his speech to the Oxford Real Farming Conference, Mr Gove said technology in farming was at a crucial tipping point. He said ‘big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning’ would streamline farming practices – but warned there were also ‘political and moral questions’… Mr Gove said: ‘Gene editing technology could help us to remove vulnerabilities to illness, develop higher yielding crops or more valuable livestock, indeed potentially even allow mankind to conquer the diseases to which we are vulnerable’. SOURCE…


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