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Chickens Are Not “Dumb Clucks” After All

ROBBY BERMAN: ‘Difficult as it obviously is to know what, if anything, is on an animal’s mind, scientists have been piecing together evidence of surprising cognitive abilities in nonhumans. As the research progresses, more and more creatures are turning out to have the biological hardware for thought, even advanced thought in many cases, raising fascinating questions about the intelligence of animals…

Neuroscientist Lori Marino of the Kimella Center for Animal Advocacy asserts that it’s time to add chickens… to the list of intelligent animals. Marino says, “numerous studies have shown that there is no ‘bright line’ between ‘avian’ and ‘mammalian, intelligence and complexity” and she’s just published a new study of peer-reviewed scientific data… that supports the notion that chickens are no exception…

Unfortunately, she notes, the world has been slow to associate the science with chickens. Part of this is, no doubt, because so many of us eat so many of them, and thus would prefer not to consider the impact of brutal chicken-production systems on potentially sentient creatures. The result of this, Marino notes, is that chickens are “almost entirely invisible to human awareness’. SOURCE…


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