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Habeas Corpus Experts Offer Support for Chimpanzee Rights Cases

NhRP: ‘The Nonhuman Rights Project [NhRP] announced that legal advocacy organization the Center for Constitutional Rights and law professors Laurence H. Tribe (Harvard Law), Justin Marceau (University of Denver Sturm College of Law), and Samuel R. Wiseman (Florida State University College of Law) have submitted amicus curiae briefs in support of the NhRP’s motion for permission to appeal to New York’s highest court in the cases of captive chimpanzees Tommy and Kiko.

Their amicus briefs follow the amicus brief submitted in support of the NhRP by a group of seventeen philosophers with expertise in animal ethics, animal political theory, and the philosophy of animal cognition and behavior. All four briefs—both the brief submitted by philosophers and the three briefs submitted by Tribe, Marceau and Wiseman, and CCR, respectively—urge the Court of Appeals to hear Tommy’s and Kiko’s cases… No action on the briefs is expected until and unless the Court of Appeals grants the NhRP’s motion for permission to appeal’. SOURCE…


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