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Venezuela’s zoo animals are starving, and a one-time actor wants to airlift them out

JIM WYSS: ‘It sounds like a plan ripped from a Hollywood script. A massive, C-130 Hercules cargo plane lands in western Venezuela, loads up starving and sick zoo animals in the dead of night and then transfers them to national parks around the world. But that’s exactly what Raul Julia-Levy — an animal rights activist and actor who is hounded by controversy — is hoping to do.

Jarred by images of bone-thin lions and grim reports that zookeepers have resorted to feeding “lesser” zoo animals to hungry carnivores amid a nationwide hunger crisis, Julia-Levy is lobbying Venezuela to green-light a mass evacuation…

Julia-Levy said he already has access to a C-130 cargo plane and commitments from parks and reserves in Mexico, the United States and Europe to take the animals. And while he says there’s nothing political about what he’s trying to do, he acknowledges that his efforts are being undermined by politics.

He claims local officials in Zulia state have given him tacit permission to evacuate some of the animals — but are worried about the reaction it might produce from the central government and President Nicolás Maduro’. SOURCE…


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