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Vegan activist charged with trespass after sneaking into a pig farm to live broadcast

Animal love resides inside everyone, people don't know where their food comes from. All of these beautiful sentient beings are going to be murdered for people's food.

NIC WHITE: ‘A vegan activist who allegedly snuck into a farm to show how pigs are treated has been charged with trespassing. James Warden streamed live on the Direct Action Everywhere social media page on Sunday night from inside the GD pork farm near Pinjarra, south of Perth… The 25-year-old was arrested in Perth early on Tuesday morning as police raided his home after seeing the 80-minute video. Warden was charged with two counts of trespass for Sunday night’s alleged break in and another incident in Mundijong…

Dressed in white forensic gear, Warden and his associate Kat complained about the cramped conditions pig were kept in at the farm. ‘These are the standard conditions these animals are kept in, subjugated and enslaved,’ he said to 55,000 viewers around the world. ‘Kept in small cages where they’re barely able to move. They’ll be keep confined their entire lives until they’re three to five years old and then they will be murdered’. The video showed open wounds and bruises on the pigs that were left untreated as they sat in their 1.5m by 2m pens. ‘They have pressure wounds on their shoulders from where they rub against the bars for weeks. It’s absolutely sad and sickening,’ Warden said. ‘If this was done to a dog the owner would be thrown in jail and made to pay a hefty fine but because it’s another species, it’s fine.’.

Warden then moved to a disturbing pile of dead piglets who he said were either crushed to death in cages or killed for being too small. Their tails and genitals were cut off and teeth pulled out so they wouldn’t hurt each other in the cramped conditions. Nearby was an adult pig lying on the ground with what looked like a bullet hole in its head and its intestines hanging out. Warden then moved on to another shed on the farm where pregnant pigs were kept until they gave birth. He said the video was made to show consumers what went in to making their food in the hope it would make them join his cause. ‘We’re showing people the suffering these animals are enduring. All of these beautiful sentient beings are going to be murdered for people’s food,’ he said. ‘Animal love resides inside everyone, people don’t know where their food comes from’.’  SOURCE…


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