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Animal rights activists chain themselves by their necks to town hall in protest against speciesism

DxE is demanding basic rights for animals to be enshrined into law: 'We are here today for all sentient beings. We will do what ever it takes to stop the needless, systematic abuse of animals.'

CHANTELLE EDMUNDS: ‘Animal rights activists have been chained by the neck to a town hall for more than 18 hours as they protest against ‘oppression of non-human animals.’ Three protesters shackled themselves to pillars at Brighton Town Hall at 4pm on Sunday and were still there on Monday morning.

The Brighton chapter of Direct Action Everywhere (Dxe Brighton) says it is calling on local government to demand that ‘basic rights’ for animals be enshrined into law. One of the activists who was locked on said: ‘We are here today for all sentient beings, who are being oppressed by the unjust laws of a system that fails to represent them.’

‘We are calling on Brighton City Council to show their support for an animal bill of rights and help this law be passed. An animal bill of rights needs to be implemented if we are to stop violence towards non-human animals,’ they said. ‘I’m willing to risk arrest and my job security to raise awareness of speciesism – the oppression of non-human animals upon which our current system is reliant,’ another activist said…

The group is expecting thousands of others around the world to take action between September 29 and October 5 as part of a a ‘Global Lockdown for Animal Rights’… ‘The protestors have said they are calling for the introduction of an Animal Bill of Rights. The police have visited and confirmed this is a lawful protest. Staff and visitors can use the doors on the north side of the building while the protest continues,’ a spokesperson said’.  SOURCE…

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