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ABOLITION: President Putin says essential to enshrine animal rights protection in Russian constitution in meeting with activists

Vladimir Putin: Regarding animal rights, 'It is a highly needed and necessary thing to enshrine these norms in the constitution, which will let us feel civilized in the basic law'.

TASS: Russian President Vladimir Putin is certain that articles of responsible treatment of animals should be enshrined in the Russian constitution as manifestation of civility. This issue was raised Friday by Paralympic athlete and member of Russia’s Civic Chamber Sergei Burlakov at a video conference meeting held by Putin with ecologists and animal rights activists. Burlakov lauded this idea to amend constitution by adding animal right protections as a necessary and timely decision.

The president said: “We are meeting on Ecologist’s Day. In this sense, of course, I would like to extend my greetings to you and to all of Russia’s citizens who devote their lives to protecting nature and the environment. I want to thank you for your work, primarily, of course, those of you who work in these sphere professionally but also everyone who cares: scientists, employees of national parks and reserves as well as the Rosprirodnadzor staff – in fact, all our colleagues who support the continuous and important activities of regional nature protection agencies and environmental organisations.

Of course, our best regards go to our volunteers, activists, nature activists and energetic people who care sincerely about this work. Your personal involvement in environmental events and large educational, scientific and research work is important, sometimes essential, and is a significant part of our joint efforts to conserve Russia’s unique nature and biodiversity. It is often because of you that local government receives prompt signals about concrete problems, a boost from society, and takes the necessary measures.

We can recall the so-called ‘whale prison’ in Vladivostok or stories about cruelty to animals that, in fact, became a catalyst of the separate Federal Law On Responsible Treatment of Animals. As you just underlined, it is a highly needed and necessary thing to enshrine these norms which will let us feel civilized in the basic law… I would like to hear more from you and learn about your projects and plans. SOURCE… SOURCE…


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